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Successful business relationships rely on courtesy and politeness. Social skills and tact will take you farther than your skill level, and that’s a fact! Your poise and professionalism affect all your business and social relationships, for better or worse. And your employee's demeanor will set the tone for your business immediately. With Poised & Proper Business Etiquette, you will learn appropriate and polite ways to relate to others in the business world. You will learn to be your best, bring out the best in your clients, and cultivate long-lasting business relationships. 

Popular Courses Include:


Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, manners matter! Your company's image relies on your and your employee's thoughtfulness, communication, and respect. People feel better about their jobs when they feel respected, and that translates into better customer relationships as well. The Business Etiquette Course covers professionalism, workplace ethics, communication skills, and meeting etiquette. We will work with you to develop a program that is just right for your organization.

*Training can occur at our office, or your place of employment.


With the Business Dining Etiquette Course, we provide a concentrated workshop on dining etiquette. We discuss topics such as properly holding cutlery, tasting/ordering wine, napkin etiquette, navigating a multicourse place setting, eating politely, conversational topics, client entertaining, seating precedence, communicating with staff, and more! Don't lose a client due to poor social and dining skills. Allow Poised & Proper to help you and your company seal the deal!

*Training can occur at a local restaurant, or your place of employment.


The Power Etiquette Course is perfect for groups, team-building workshops, and ongoing executive training. We curate programs designed specifically for your business or company's needs. Popular topics include making great first impressions with clients, email and phone etiquette, introductions and the order of introducing others, greetings and handshakes, professional image, body language and eye contact, meeting or conference call etiquette, office etiquette, and more! Contact us for more ideas or to request a keynote.

*Training can occur at our office, or your place of employment.

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