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Dining Etiquette

Kids & Teens

Elevate your child or teen's future success with Poised & Proper's immersive dining courses. For teens, our five-week program combines small-group instruction and role-play, culminating in a practical session at a local restaurant. The three-session course for ages 6-10 focuses on setting the table, using utensils, and mastering table manners. Both courses provide an age-appropriate and enjoyable experience, reinforced by a dedicated student workbook. As a rewarding conclusion, participants receive a Certificate, a valuable asset for future resumes. Prepare your child or teen for a lifetime of confidence and success at any dining table.

Popular Courses Include:

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  • Class One: Learn the basics of setting the table and table manners. Your child will gain valuable skills for a more polished and enjoyable dining experience.

  • Class Two: Discover the art of polite dining conversation and how to navigate public dining situations with ease. Equip your child with the confidence to dine gracefully anywhere.

  • Class Three: Put it all into practice with a hands-on dining experience. From handling bread and butter to enjoying simple finger foods, your child will gain practical dining etiquette skills in a fun setting.​

*Training will occur at our office.

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  • Class One: Setting the table, napkins, and using utensils properly.

  • Class Two: Making polite dining conversation, passing food, what to do if you do not like the meal, bodily functions, addressing servers, and public dining.

  • Class Three: Table manners explained, bread etiquette, shared plates, beverages, soup etiquette, removing unwanted items from your mouth.

  • Class Four: Being a guest or host, gift giving, thank you notes, giving a toast.

  • Class Five: Apply your newfound skills in an elegant setting, savoring the culmination of your dining etiquette mastery. A three-course meal for the student at a local participating restaurant.

*Training will occur at our office.

Now Enrolling!


If learning dining skills sounds like it would benefit the entire family, then a private course is for you! We can develop a specialized curriculum for you and your family and teach it in the privacy of your own home! Contact us for curriculum ideas and pricing. 

*Training can occur at your private residence.

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