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Etiquette Consultant

I proudly opened Poised & Proper to offer a modern and innovative perspective on etiquette. I competed in professional pageantry when I was a younger lady. Many of the events included meet-and-greets with successful people of wealth and stature. I noticed other girls who lacked proper training made detrimental etiquette mistakes that I had been trained to avoid. Some contestants talked while chewing, gossiped, complained, avoided eye contact, and often did not include those around them in conversation. These faux pas led to lower scores and ultimately prevented them from success. I attribute my success in pageants to my childhood etiquette training.


As a result of my successes, I was offered a unique opportunity to work as a brand ambassador for a world-renowned company in Las Vegas. In this role, I was expected to interact with and entertain the world's most elite individuals. The high standards that I had been trained to uphold allowed me to organically build relationships that I still maintain to this day. The relationships I have cultivated have helped me rise to where I am. 

But, despite the glamor, my passion has always been teaching. That’s why I went back to school to obtain my degree in education. After I graduated at the top of my class, I worked with young children in public education for many years. Although I loved every one of my students, some stood above the rest. These students were bright, but most importantly, they were respectful, kind, and considerate. Students like these excelled because everyone liked them and became invested in their development. I wanted to see these students succeed. And now, I want to teach others those etiquette skills so they can be successful. 

That’s why I have decided to open Poised & Proper, a modern and innovative perspective on etiquette. I offer exciting, interactive classes and present contemporary lessons relevant to today’s society. My classes focus on various topics, including Social Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, College & Career Readiness, and Business Etiquette. All classes are designed to help individuals feel confident and empowered. But, most importantly, I teach individuals to succeed through kindness and compassion so that everyone around them becomes invested in their success. 


Allow me to share with you the skills I have learned through a lifetime of training and social involvement. I would not be where I am today without professional etiquette training, and now I want to elevate you to be your best self. Let’s learn to succeed together!

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