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Social Etiquette

Kids & Teens

When you partner with Poised & Proper, we prepare your child or teen for a lifetime of success! During our Social Skills course, we will meet with your child once a week for 75 minutes to fill in the gaps that traditional schooling leaves open. In our courses, your child will learn essential social skills through small-group instruction and role-play. They will receive a student workbook dedicated to a fun, interactive program that will teach them to be successful and confident. The Social Etiquette Course wraps up with a Certificate, which can be applied to future resumes. 

Popular Courses Include:

  • Class One: Master the essentials of first impressions: introductions, joining and welcoming in groups, along with posture, body language, and key social skills.

  • Class Two: Dive into conversation skills: starting, maintaining, and ending conversations gracefully, active listening, reading social cues, and polite interruptions.

  • Class Three: Explore friendship dynamics: understanding what makes a good friend, building loyalty and trust, respect, and proper behavior in public spaces and school.

  • Class Four: Learn the importance of empathy: the art of apologizing, spreading kindness, navigating sportsmanship, and distinguishing between reporting and tattling.

  • Class Five: Perfect your guest and host etiquette: mastering the art of being a gracious guest and host, gift-giving and receiving graciously, thank you notes, personal appearance, and understanding dress codes.

  • Class Six: Communicate with confidence: making phone calls, voicemail etiquette, online safety, and practical skills like addressing an envelope.


*Training sessions are held at our office.

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  • Class One: Foundations of First Impressions: Master introductions, group dynamics, posture, body language, handshakes, and essential social skills.

  • Class Two: Advanced Conversation Skills: Learn effective conversation starters, active listening, ending conversations smoothly, questioning techniques, reading social cues, and polite interruptions.

  • Class Three: Friendship and Boundaries: Discover what makes a good friend, the dos and don'ts of friendships, building loyalty and trust, and how to set healthy boundaries.

  • Class Four: Respect and Inclusion: Navigating respect, talking to adults, gaining permission, public behavior, school expectations, empathy, and fostering inclusion.

  • Class Five: Emotional Intelligence: Explore the art of apologizing, conducting random acts of kindness, understanding sportsmanship, managing emotions, avoiding gossip, and discussing beliefs and core values.

  • Class Six: Hosting and Guest Etiquette: Learn the nuances of being a considerate guest and host, gift-giving and receiving, and crafting thoughtful thank you notes.

  • Class Seven: Personal Style and Management: Delve into personal appearance, dress codes, establishing morning routines, effective time management, and expressing yourself through style.

  • Class Eight: Digital Communication Mastery: Cover making phone calls, voicemail etiquette, message taking, online safety, addressing envelopes, and texting etiquette.


*Training will occur at our office.

Now Enrolling!

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If learning social skills sounds like it would benefit the entire family, then a private course is for you! We can develop a specialized curriculum for you and your family and teach it in the privacy of your own home! Contact us for curriculum ideas and pricing. 

*Training can occur at your private residence.

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