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The years after high school are an exciting time. Teens are entering the world and figuring out what their adult life will be like. Some will go to college right after high school, and some will take different paths. If you decide that college is the best choice for your teen and your family, you may feel excited and overwhelmed. Simplify the college preparation process by tackling it step by step. In this six-week, two-hour course, you will discover everything college-related! Your teen will leave this workshop confidently, knowing how to make a financial plan, which program interests them, and how to build healthy habits that will set them up for long-term success in college. 

Popular Courses Include:

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  • Class One: Exploring college options, investigating personal interests, and comparing college types.

  • Class Two: Making a financial plan, scholarships, money management, and credit card awareness. 

  • Class Three: Interview skills, cover letters, and resumes.

  • Class Four: Negotiating, thank you notes, and soft skills. 

  • Class Five: Netiquette, communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

  • Class Six: Self-efficacy, time management, goal setting,  and more!

*Training may occur at Town Square or Two Summerlin.

Coming Soon!

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