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Embarking on the journey post-high school is a thrilling time, filled with opportunities for growth. Whether your teen is considering college or exploring alternative paths, our comprehensive workshops guide them step by step. For those venturing into higher education, our College Preparation course simplifies the process, empowering teens to create financial plans, choose programs aligned with their interests, and cultivate habits for lasting success. Meanwhile, our Business & Career Prep course equips teens for success in any professional arena, covering essential skills such as effective communication, interview preparation, negotiation, professional behavior, conflict resolution, and networking. Plus, don't miss our Mastering Public Speaking and Mastering Netiquette workshops, essential skills for confident communication in any setting. Join us in preparing the next generation for a future of endless possibilities!

Popular Courses Include:

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  • Class One: "Why College Matters and Self-Discovery," introduces students to the importance of college education. It highlights that college is not only about academics and jobs but also a time for self-discovery and personal growth. This session encourages students to reflect on the significance of independence and decision-making during their college life.

  • Class Two: "College Experience Mind Map," encourages students create colorful mind maps to identify their college preferences. This includes factors like location, major, degree programs, cost, campus environment, school size, duration of study, accommodation, extracurriculars, and personal goals.

  • Class Three: "Types of Colleges," explores different types of colleges, including Ivy League, Private Schools, Public Schools, and Community Colleges. It discusses their characteristics, benefits, and considerations.

  • Class Four: "Financial Aid and Planning," explains the concept of financial aid, including FAFSA, grants, and scholarships. This session offers tips on finding and applying for scholarships. It also discusses the importance of financial planning for college.

  • Class Five: "Comparing Colleges," involves students in researching and comparing 2-3 colleges of their choice. It focuses on gathering statistics such as student retention rates, graduation rates, and post-graduation employment rates to help them narrow down their finale choices.

*Training will occur at our office.

AGES 16-21
  • Class One: "Mastering Effective Communication" delves into the art of impactful communication, exploring the nuances of body language, eye contact, active listening, and polished email and phone etiquette.

  • Class Two:  "Strategic Interview Preparation" goes beyond the basics, guiding students in researching companies, crafting compelling resumes and cover letters, and engaging in mock interviews with constructive feedback. This section also emphasizes punctuality, professional greetings, introductions, and dress codes for various interview types.

  • Class Three: "Negotiating with Confidence" introduces the art of negotiation, offering practical techniques through role-playing scenarios to empower students in their professional interactions.

  • Class Four: "Professional Behavior Essentials" explores the core of workplace professionalism, defining etiquette, behavior expectations, and engaging students in case studies to analyze real-world scenarios, fostering appropriate responses and solutions."Navigating Workplace Conflicts" equips students with conflict resolution strategies, helping them identify and address workplace conflicts effectively.

  • Class Five: "Networking with Impact" underscores the significance of networking in career growth. This session explores the creation of meaningful professional connections, crafting compelling elevator pitches, and provides strategies for expanding and nurturing a professional network, along with essential dos and don'ts.

*Training will occur at our office.

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AGES 11-18
  • Join our Confident Public Speaker class and embark on a transformative journey toward mastering the art of public speaking. This two and a half hour dynamic workshop is designed to turn anxiety into confidence, using engaging activities and practical speech preparation. Whether it's enhancing body language, tone, or pronunciation, participants will acquire the skills to become influential speakers. With a focus on overcoming common fears associated with public speaking, our workshop ensures that even the most reserved individuals can emerge as confident and impactful communicators. Say goodbye to stage fright and hello to a future where your voice resonates with power and assurance!

  • ​Enroll in our Mastering Netiquette class to gain the essential skills for a respectful and secure online presence. In today's interconnected world, understanding proper online etiquette is crucial. This two and a half hour workshop provides a comprehensive guide to effective online communication, email etiquette, smart social media usage, and protection against scams. Students will emerge well-versed in the rules that govern online interactions, ensuring a positive and knowledgeable presence in the vast digital landscape. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate the online realm with confidence and integrity!

*Training will occur at our office.

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