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Kids & Teens


Poised & Proper offers a variety of services for kids and teens. Whether you need advice for a special event or want to learn how to have more meaningful family time, we can help.


Social etiquette is about creating confidence in one's self and learning behaviors that help you interact positively with friends, family, and even strangers! Poised & Proper helps your child learn to make introductions, understand the importance of body language, learn expectations in public places, learn how to have meaningful conversations, and more! To see our full curriculum, click Learn More. 

*Training will occur at our office.


Having good table manners are an important life skill that translates into overall confidence. Set your child up for a lifetime of success! Poised & Proper will teach your child basic table manners, how to set the table, how to eat tricky foods, and even how to be a gracious guest or host. This course culminates at a local restaurant with a three-course meal where your child can show off what they've learned! To see our full curriculum, click Learn More. 

*Training will occur at our office.

Image by Jeremiah Lawrence

Beginning a new journey is always a little bit scary. Especially if that journey is going off to college for the first time! Poised & Proper helps make the transition from high school to college a smooth one by setting your teen up for success. Your teen will learn how to create a financial plan, apply for scholarships, learn the difference between public, private, and community college, and more! To see our full curriculum, click Learn More.


*Training will occur at our office.


No matter your location, etiquette is accessible to you! Learn life skills in an engaging, interactive way that you can immediately apply to make you feel confident, happy, and ready to take on the world! Whether you want to brush up on your general etiquette or learn something specific, we guarantee you will feel accomplished by the end. All online courses are taught through Zoom and come with digital handouts. To see available curriculums, click Learn More.

*Training occurs through Zoom.

Online Education
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