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Social etiquette enables you to show respect, consideration, and kindness to those around you. From graceful movements to hosting an event, we help you become the social envy and thrive in any situation. All of our courses are fully customizable and tailored to your specific needs. Training may occur at Town Square, Two Summerlin, or your private residence.

Popular Courses Include:


The Social Etiquette Course is entirely customizable for men and women and tailored to your needs. We will conduct a free discovery call to learn exactly what you need to become the most confident version of yourself. Some popular topics include conversational techniques, hosting tips, posture and introduction protocol, effective eye contact and body language, giving and receiving gifts, netiquette, and dressing for success. Let us curate a curriculum just for you!

*We offer the option of training either at our office or in the comfort of your own home.


Chivalry is not dead! In the Modern Gentleman Course, learn powerful body language and posture that will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Standout with gentlemanly manners that other men often overlook. We will help you learn to dress and groom properly, how to give an unforgettable introduction, and how to make a lasting impression on others. Become the man you've always wanted to be!


*We offer the option of training either at our office or in the comfort of your own home.


Modern Etiquette for Ladies will prepare you to confidently handle everyday, and sometimes tricky, situations while presenting yourself as a polished, charming lady. Learn how to invest in your appearance, how to speak and act ladylike, deportment tips and tricks, how to handle delicate situations, and more! There is so much pressure on women these days, allow Poised & Proper to teach you confidence in a ladylike way. 

*We offer the option of training either at our office or in the comfort of your own home.


Dating today is more complicated than it was years ago. With the increased use of technology, dating has become more challenging and impersonal than ever. Relationships and love do not have to be difficult! With the Dating 101 course, you will learn how to create a showstopper dating profile, learn how to engage in the right conversations, how to prep for a date, how to read your date's body language, how to create a great first and last impression, dining etiquette, how to deal with ghosting (or wanting to ghost), and more! Let's work together to get you your forever partner.


*We provide training options at our office, your home, or a local restaurant.

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