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Many first impressions occur at a dinner table. Making the right impression is essential! Dining etiquette affects your social standing and may even dictate future job opportunities. With Poised & Proper, we will walk you through the dining experience one fork at a time. You will learn often-overlooked habits, such as napkin etiquette, cutlery technique, conversation skills, and even how to excuse yourself from the table. After learning these habits, you can focus on the conversation and enjoy yourself and those around you. Training may occur at a local restaurant or your private residence.

Popular Courses Include:


Dedicated Dining will teach you everything dining-related! We will cover setting the table, correct posture at the table, how to hold and use cutlery and stemware, napkin etiquette, how to handle finger foods and tricky foods, how to gracefully excuse yourself, general dining manners, communicating with waitstaff, and more! Be confident with yourself and your place setting so you can enjoy your meal and the people you are with.


*Training can occur at a local restaurant or your private residence. 


Do you have meaningful family dinners? How often do you and your family actually sit down to dinner at the table? What if dinnertime was something everyone looked forward to, and each family member helped make it enjoyable? We know how hard it is to get kids to part with their devices, talk about their days, or help with dinner-related chores. Ms. Rose will come to spend two hours with your family before, during, and after a meal. Parents and children will learn the importance of family time around the table and build stronger bonds with each other. Take the skills learned and apply them to future dinners with your family!


*Training can occur at a local restaurant or your private residence. 


Afternoon tea is a delightful experience to meet with friends and family and celebrate life events. It can be quite intimidating with all the dainty foods and drinks, dress codes, and protocols, though! Our Afternoon Tea Course will teach you everything you need to know to impress anyone at afternoon tea. This course may be personalized for individuals or groups; it's up to you. But, as the Queen says, the more, the merrier!


*Training can occur at a local tea house or your private residence.


Do you have a special event where you would like dining etiquette training? Whether you are having dinner with your partner's family for the first time or are about to get married, we've got you covered! Allow Poised & Proper to curate a course just for you.


*Training can occur at a local restaurant or your private residence.

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