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Poised & Proper offers a variety of services for adults of all ages. Whether you need advice for a special event, or if you are looking to learn how to have more meaningful family time, we can help.


Social etiquette enables you to show respect, consideration, and kindness to those around you. From graceful movements to hosting an event, we help you become the social envy and thrive in any situation. All of our courses are fully customizable and tailored to your specific needs.

*Training sessions can take place either at our office or at your private residence.


Many first impressions occur at a dinner table. Making the right impression is essential! Dining etiquette affects your social standing and may even dictate future job opportunities. With Poised & Proper, we will walk you through the dining experience one fork at a time. You will learn often-overlooked habits, such as napkin etiquette, cutlery technique, conversation skills, and even how to excuse yourself from the table. After learning these habits, you can focus on the conversation and enjoy yourself and those around you.

*Training sessions can be held at our office, your private residence, or a local restaurant.


Successful business relationships rely on courtesy and politeness. Social skills and tact will take you farther than your skill level, and that’s a fact! Your poise and professionalism affect all your business and social relationships, for better or worse. With Poised & Proper Business Etiquette, you will learn appropriate and polite ways to relate to others in the business world. You will learn to be your best, bring out the best in your clients, and cultivate long-lasting business relationships.

*Training sessions can be held either at your workplace or in our office.

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