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My Bestie is Drifting Away

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Q: What if you’ve known someone your whole life but are growing in different directions?

A: “People enter our lives for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime.” Childhood friends growing apart can be very painful, but it is a natural part of life.

You can check in with your friend to see if the friendship is worth saving. Communicate your concerns and how much the friendship means to you.

Allow your friend to tell their perspective of the friendship too. At this point, you can work together to save it or let it go. If you are a true friend, you will allow your former friend to do what is best for them and love them from afar.

Many times you can be an associate friend. An associate friend is fun to hang out with on occasion. You see them when it is convenient, and there are no expectations for one another during the good or bad times.

When someone walks out of your life, you should let them. They are the ones who are losing something special. People out there have dreamed of having a friend like you.

The next friend who comes into your life could be there forever. ​


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