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Online Courses

Kids & Teens

No matter your location, etiquette is accessible to you! Each course is designed for a small group and personalized instruction. All courses are taught through Zoom. Each course meets four times, and classes last for approximately 35 minutes. Take a look at the courses we provide below!

Popular Courses Include:


The online friendship course is about being a good friend to yourself and others.


  • Class One: Knowing yourself and staying engaged in a conversation.

  • Class Two: Practicing active listening and gracefully excusing yourself from a conversation.

  • Class Three: Avoiding interrupting and reframing your thoughts to be positive. 

  • Class Four: Qualities in a good friend and joining a group of people.

*All classes are taught through the Zoom platform.


The online social behaviors course is about body language, confidence, and social expectations.


  • Class One: Practicing positive body language and shaking hands.

  • Class Two: How to introduce yourself and others.

  • Class Three: How to behave in other people's homes and public places. 

  • Class Four: What should we get permission for, and what are school expectations. 

*All classes are taught through the Zoom platform.


The online respect course is all about being respectful to ourselves and others.


  • Class One: How to stay safe online, what does your social media say about you, and the rules of netiquette.

  • Class Two: Texting 101 and how to take and leave messages.

  • Class Three: Handling gossip gracefully and deciding when to tell or not to tell on someone.

  • Class Four: Sharing, apologies, and sportsmanship.

*All classes are taught through the Zoom platform.


The online kindness course is about being kind to yourself and others.


  • Class One: Gracious gift giving, receiving, and thank you notes. 

  • Class Two: Being a great host and guest.

  • Class Three: Morning rituals checklist, personal appearance, and common dress codes.

  • Class Four: Common courtesies.

*All classes are taught through the Zoom platform.


The online dining course is about everything dining related.

  • Class One: Behaviors and habits before dinner and how to set the table.

  • Class Two: Using utensils correctly, passing/serving food, and how to handle foods you don't like.

  • Class Three: Table manners, best practices, and how to eat tricky foods.

  • Class Four: Appropriate dinner conversation and after-dinner expectations.

*All classes are taught through the Zoom platform.

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